Planting, Lawn Care and Maintenance
We’ll plant flowers twice yearly to add color to your yard ...regular grass cutting before it gets unruly...and fast replacement of damaged shrubbery. Regular fertilizing to keep your grass healthy and vibrant.

Pinestraw and Mulch
Instantly freshen the look of your yard, southern style, looks nice and smells nice, adds nutrients, makes plants and trees healthier, helps protect root system of plants and minimizes weeds in summer.

Grime, oil, soot and smog look bad and get slippery ...we power-wash it
off your driveway or deck, so you’re looking good quickly. Should be
done regularly.

Yard Trash Cleanup
Leaf cleanup in autumn to remove fallen leaves.

Mosquito Control
Enjoy your yard without the nuisance of biting bugs- lasts about a month,
pre-treat before it gets bad, maintain for best results.

Brick Patios and Paths
Looks classy, aesthetically pleasing... brick pavers last years longer than cement. And adds beauty and Value to your property.

Irrigation & Drainage
Makes watering easier, work reliably; new systems and repairs; fall blowout of lines protects your investment; eliminate unsanitary standing water and reduce mosquitos, no dripping of water into basement.

Relaxing, enjoyable to watch and hear, adds a moment of peace and entertainment, with or without fish...a moment when all is chilled, unrushed, inviting.